SimplexCNC Router Control

The SimplexCNC Router Control application is designed to allow you to operate a small home router using our SD4D series of controllers with a modified version of our SD4DNCRouter firmware installed.

The SimplexCNC application is designed to make thorough use of the capabilities of the SD4D/SD4DP board, allowing control of 3 linear stages of motion (X, Y and Z) as well as a rotational stage (using the ‘W’ motor connection). Additionally, on the SD4DP unit, one of the two 0-5 volt DAC outputs may be used to control the spin rate of a voltage-programmable DC (or AC) motor through use of the ‘S’ memory location. You will probably need an external speed controller to take the voltage output and scale it to operate the external motor.

When the application is started, it first scans for the presence of our SD4D or SD4DP board with the appropriate firmware. Even If the board is not detected, the code will allow you to view your GCODE files as well as to configure the intended use of the application.

The main application page can appear as follows:

Almost all of your interaction with the system will be through this page, once you have configured your particular installation. 

From this screen, you can request loading of new GCODE files, edit the existing GCODE file, preview the run, manually move the motors, control mist and spindle operation, and actually run the complete GCODE application.

Click Here for the full PDF manual for the SimplexCNC product.

Hint: If you want to save your own copy of the manual, right click on the appropriate link (above), and then select the 'Save Target As...' option which appears. Tell the system where to save the manual, and then you will be able to browse it at your leisure.

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