Recent News And Announcements

On March 12, 2016, we changed our web store at the  "Shopify" system to being attached to our new "" domain.  The sales pages for our products may now be found at "".  All access to that domain is automatically redirected to the secure (https) version of the site.

On February 8, 2016, we released our BC6D25 2.5 amp/winding 6 axis controller This product is an upgrade to our BC6D20: it increases the per-motor-winding current maximum to 2.5 amps, and it sets the finest microstep resolution to 1/32 of a full step.

On January 24, 2016, we released our SD6DX 6 axis step-and-direction controller system. This product allows for operation of up to 6 external step-and-direction boards both as NC and asynchronous systems, to operate stepper motors and step-servos that our outside of the current capabilities of our other products.  It can generate step pulses at up to 500,000 pulses/second/motor.

As of January 2, 2016, our BC6D20 firmware has been udpated to support a scripting language that allows full access to its features.  This also provides the capability of optionally running the script as a standalone operation.  Please note that this same scripting language is implemented on all of our six axis solutions.

On June 1, 2015, we moved our web store to the "Shopify" system.  Our merchant pages then appeared at the, and now appear at

On September 8, 2014 we announced the full release of our BC6D20 6 motor controller system .  This product allows operation of up to 6 bipolar motors both as NC and asynchronous systems, at up to 500,000 microsteps per second per motor.

As of February 28, 2014, we now have RS232 versions of our popular BC2D20 BC2D20 with screw terminal connectors and BS1010 BS1010 with Amp MTA-100 connectors products available from our web store.