Product Recall Alerts

This page documents the currently active product recalls for Peter Norberg Consulting, Inc.

(COMPLETED) 7/17/2008 - GenStepper versions 2.9 through 2.16

GenStepper versions 2.9 through 2.16 did not correctly handle the pure TTL-Control mode of using the "NXT" input in order to select a new motor step rate.  If you need to have that feature work in your particular GenStepper-firmware based board, please contact us at  We will work with you to update your board either to GenStepper firmware version 2.17 or later, or to the PotStepper firmware (depending on your application requirements).

(COMPLETED) 3/31/2005 - GenStepper Version 2.1 based products.

Note: As far as we know, this recall is fully complete.  To the best of our knowledge, all customers who may have been affected by this issue have obtained the corrected manual.


  1. You have a BiStepA04, BiStepA06, or a BiStep2A controller board,
  2. your board is based on the GenStepper firmware,
  3. you have firmware "GenStepper Vers. 2.1",
  4. your documentation CD is March 30, 2005 or earlier,
  5. and you intend to use the Double Current mode of operation in your controller

then you must download an updated copy of your "UniversalStepper" manual specific to your particular board from our Downloads page, as is available here.  There is an error on several pages in the manual, where it incorrectly documents the technique used to configure the 1.59 through 1.81 firmware for Double Current mode, instead of the different technique used in firmware versions 2.0 and later.  You may choose instead to download a self-installing executable which contains the complete update for all of our documentation (note: this is at least an 11.5 megabyte download!), available here.

If you configure your board which contains the firmware labeled "GenStepper Vers. 2.1" using the "Limit switch" technique as is incorrectly shown in the older manual, you will damage your board!  Download the updated copy of the manual, which correctly describes how to configure the firmware for the double current mode of operation using a 1K resistor on the RDY signal.

Please note that this is a documentation update only.  You do not need to return your board to us; you simply need to download the corrected manual, and follow its instructions on configuring your board for the double current mode of operation.