"Voltage Based" Products

These products require correct selection of the power supply voltage
, in order to generate the correct current to the stepper motor.  You will first want to review the calculating motor current faq in order to determine the current requirements for your motor.
Product Unipolar Bipolar Motor Voltages
SS1010-USB x   5-26
BS1010-USB x x 5-34

BS1010 USB product  BS1010 USB

The BS1010 USB Controller Board allows for control of up to two simultaneous unipolar or bipolar stepper motors, at up to 1 amp per winding (2 amps per motor) and up to 35 volts. This is the next generation of the BS0710USB series, and adds extra I/O lines as well as analog input capabilities.


SS1010 dual axis controller SS1010-USB Unipolar

The SS1010-USB Unipolar Controller Board is our upgrade to the (retired) SS0705  board.  It allows for inexpensive control of up to two small (up to 0.5 or 1.0 Amp/winding, depending on order options) 4-pole unipolar stepper motors.  This tool is great for control of most small unipolar motors, and for the home robotics experimenter!  Please click here for the details...

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