MTA 100 Connectors

Most of our products have an option of being ordered using Amp MTA-100 connectors instead of terminal screw connectors.  For example, the BC2D20 unit when supplied with the AMP MTA-100 connectors appears as follows:

This product has four 4-pin, one 5-pin and two 6-pin connectors.  Our other products have varying sets of connectors: contact us for details if you need them.

You will have to obtain matching connectors based on the wire size which you will be using. 

A representative set of AMP part numbers which will mate with our connectors would be (there are quite a few others; these are the least expensive variety which we have found):

   4 wire:         640440-4, 22 gauge wire
                        640441-4, 24 gauge wire
                        640442-4, 26 gauge wire

    5 wire:        640440-5, 22 gauge wire
                        640441-5, 24 gauge wire
                        640442-5, 26 gauge wire

    6 wire:        640440-6, 22 gauge wire
                        640441-6, 24 gauge wire
                        640442-6, 26 gauge wire

    9 wire:        640440-9, 22 gauge wire
                        640441-9, 24 gauge wire
                        640442-9, 26 gauge wire

ROHS versions may have a "3-" or "4-" precursor; however, searches using the above numbers should work.

There also are several styles of "crimp-on" connectors that "officially" work with the Amp MTA-100 system.  The Amp CST-100 system is a crimp-on system that allows you to use normal crimping tools on individual wires to make your connectors.  Just look for "CST-100" at Digikey or Mouser for the current options.

 They are available both from Mouser ( and Digikey (  Please note that the Digikey and Mouser search engines may also report other matches (for example, they may show both a 4 pin and a 14 pin connector containing the 640440-4 number); be careful to select the one which has the correct number of pins!

The tools from Amp to crimp the MTA-100 connectors are also available from both Digikey and Mouser.  The one which we use here (which takes us about 30 seconds or less per connector) is the A9982-ND T-Handle (the list price varies from about $16 to $20 each), which can be used to connect one wire at a time.  A tool which appears to be designed to do the whole set at a time (which we have never tried) is also available and consists of 2 parts.  The A2031-ND is a pistol-grip handle, which works with the A1998-ND crimp die.  Those two parts together cost about $160.00; we presume that they are for high volume work.