As with most companies, shipping of our products is always FOB ORIGIN.  This means that:

  • You, the buyer, assume title and control of the goods the moment that the carrier (U.S. postal service, Federal Express, etc.) receives the product for shipment.
  • You assume the risk of transportation, and you are entitled to route the shipment within the limits of available providers. 
  • You are responsible for filing claims for loss or damage with the carrier.

The prices on the web site are for typical shipments to continental U.S. destinations using our standard carriers, and will be the ones normally charged.  However, for shipments to other countries, or to Alaska or Hawaii, or using other carriers, the amount charged may vary.  If the amount is different from that shown on the web site, no shipment (or charge to your account) will occur, until you have been notified as to the cost, and have agreed to the shipment. 

For foreign shipments, we prefer that you pay the shipper directly (FOB ORIGIN, Freight Collect); since this avoids issues and delays relating to import duties.