Downloads for CTPYRO

This page lists files available for download.  In each case, we suggest that you should right-click on the link, and then select the "Save As" option which then appears (assuming that you are using Microsoft Explorer to browse our site).  Save the file to some convenient folder on your machine for your use at any time.

The executable files will only install under Windows 2000 and above; they are not compatible with Linux, Mac, or other operating systems.

Complete Installation Package 

For this file, download the file into some convenient folder on your machine, and then double-click on the file to run it so that it can be installed.

SetUpWasp3.exe (3.7 Mb) --  Installs the WASP3 application and USB drivers.  It includes optional selection for which components are to be installed on your system.  Last updated to version 3.9.0 on 9/9/2019. 

Always "uninstall" any prior version of the WASP3 code before installing a new version!  The "uninstall features" item is installed on your start menu as part of the standard install.  On XP systems, this can be found under "Wasp3->Uninstall Features" .  On all systems, it can be found in the "Add or Remove Programs" applet (also called "Programs and Features" under Vista and Windows 7) within the Windows Control Panel.  This is the best way to avoid incorrect code being left on your system.

SetUpWasp3Master.exe (416 kb) -- Install just the WASP3 master application.  Updated on 9/9/2019.


TestSerialPorts.exe (72 Kb)-- Simple Visual Basic 6.0 application which can scan all com ports from COM1 to COM255 on your system, to detect which are real ports and which are connected to any of our stepper motor controller products.  This application can also automatically adjust FTDI USB settings to better work with StepperBoard products.

SimpleSerial.exe (72 kb) -- Simple Visual Basic 6.0 application which acts as a simplified terminal.  This may be used (instead of HyperTerminal) to "talk" to any of our boards.

Wasp3 Beta Test - Current beta release of WASP3.  Not for general release.

Full WASP3 install Beta Test -- Current complete install of WASP3, Beta version