Current Regulating Motor Control Products

We currently sell three lines of regulated current products.  In all cases, you should review our notes on calculating current-regulated motor power supply requirements when selecting any of these systems.

The BC2D20 controller board is a complete Bipolar dual-axis stepper motor controller system, the BC4E20 controller boards allow for control of up to 4 bipolar motors, and the BC6D20 and BC6D25 both support up to 6 bipolar motors.

All of the controllers include the capability of driving multiple stepper motors at high speeds using current control techniques; the main differences between the product lines have to do with the types of motors controlled (Bipolar or Unipolar), and the single-winding current which can be attained..

These units are a good choice for those designing products which require higher motor speeds, since they can easily "over-voltage" the motor (to attain the higher speed) without overloading it.

The following table summarizes the currently released product key capabilities.  Please click on the product name for more information pertaining to that product.

Product Motors Current/ Winding Motor Voltages
BC2D20 2 0.15-2.0 Amp up to 34
BC4E20 4 0.15-2.0 Amp up to 34
BC6D20 6 0.15-2.0 Amp up to 34
BC6D25 6 0.15-2.5 Amp up to 40

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